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What is “MedX” equipment?


MedX rehabilitation equipment is used to effectively strengthen the specific muscles of the spine, featuring state-of-the-art computer technology that enhances decades of strength-training expertise.  By effectively isolating the involved muscles of the neck and back, MedX instruments help to increase mobility and enhance muscular endurance.  These benefits oftentimes result in pain reduction or elimination, as well as functional restoration, enabling you to return to your daily/work tasks and favorite activities.


Shown below are the four MedX machines used for spinal strengthening at all five of our locations (two for the back, two for the neck).  AtPDR, we incorporate MedX spinal strengthening into our 2x/week rehabilitation program; along with core strengthening, proper body mechanics & postural education, pain management strategies and advanced practice techniques to ensure you’re successful in achieving your rehab goals.  Most people who’ve experienced back &/or neck pain for longer than a month are good candidates for our MedX rehabilitation program.

MedX Lumbar Extension







MedX Cervical Extension













MedX Cervical Rotation









MedX Rotary Torso