Proudly Serving the Twin Cities Area Since 1994

Physicians’ Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Clinics is different from other rehab facilities. From our specialty trained physicians, to our exceptional therapists that continually work on mastering new and effective evidence-based therapies, our team at PDR wants to ensure each patient gets the best care possible, resulting in relief and freedom from their neck and/or back issues.

At PDR Clinics you can expect:

  • Musculoskeletal pain specialists that are trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Non-invasive approach to treating chronic neck and back pain
  • Specialized treatment protocols for each patient’s unique needs
  • Advanced Practice Physical and Occupational Therapists who receive on-going training to ensure mastery of current evidence-based therapies
  • MedX equipment, the gold standard in isolated spinal strengthening, which is necessary for the treatment and reduction of chronic neck and back pain - More information
  • Comprehensive, hands-on education series to address the social aspects of rehabilitation
  • Lifestyle modification program that addresses pain management strategies, ergonomics and postural training, lifting and body mechanics and much more
  • Comprehensive Return to Work Program that helps ensure patients can get back to working and lead a productive life
  • Cognitive Behavioral Coaching Program that provides skills to address nonphysical constraints
  • Proven outcomes in recovery scores, functional outcomes, patient satisfaction, and, best of all, successful nonsurgical treatment of neck and back pain