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Our patients work hard during their rehabilitation program to regain their strength and function so they can get back to living. We also know that life gets in the way once they are done with their program. So, to help our patients maintain what they worked so hard for, PDR created the PDR Maintenance Program.

What Is It

Our Maintenance Program allows patients that have successfully discharged from our rehab program to come in once a month to work on our MedX machines to ensure their strength and range of motion is maintained during recovery. In fact, we have found that over 1,000 of our patients that participated in our MedX Maintenance Program maintained their strength by coming in only once a month.

Our Maintenance Program can also be used to work with our therapy staff on your home program and/or exercise instruction. Our Maintenance Program is time-based so you decide how you want to spend your time: MedX or exercise or both. Maintenance is generally not covered by insurance so payment is required at the time of service.

You will be working with one of our team members on a one-on-one basis during your Maintenance Program. However, to keep our prices affordable, you will be working with a PT or OT Assistant.

Pricing Per Visit
Time Typical Program Options (Choose one bullet) Cost
15 Minutes
  • 1 MedX Machine
  • Exercise Instruction
30 Minutes
  • 2 MedX Machines
  • MedX Machine + 15 min Exercise Instruction
  • Exercise Instruction 30 min
45 Minutes
  • 3 MedX Machines
  • 2 MedX Machines + 15 min Exercise Instruction
  • 1 MedX Machine + 30 min Exercise Instruction
  • Exercise Instruction 45 min
60 Minutes
  • 4 MedX Machines
  • 3 MedX Machines + 15 min Exercise Instruction
  • 2 MedX Machines + 30 min Exercise Instruction
  • 1 MedX Machine + 45 min Exercise Instruction
  • Exercise Instruction 60 min

Participation Criteria

Our Maintenance Program is available to anyone that has successfully completed our rehabilitation program. If it has been over three months since your discharge, it is important for us to understand if there have been significant changes to your health. You will be asked to answer the following questions before scheduling your first appointment.

  • Have you had a new or recent injury since discharge from our program?
  • Do you have different or new pain since discharge?
  • Have you experienced significant changes in your health since discharge?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, you will need to see one of our doctors to determine the best course of care.

We look forward to working with you. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can call any one of our five Twin Cities locations.

A member of our Therapy Team will work one on one with you to assist you during your appointment. Similar to your therapy program, your performance will be monitored and recorded in your Maintenance chart.

Purchase a 6 Month or a 12 Month Package which allows you to come in up to four times per month (Monthly Packages are for consecutive months).